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Relax with the binnibeats

When we are stressed, our brain works in overdrive, at a base frequency of up to 30 Hz (beta waves). Sometimes it is not that easy to “come down” again and to relax. Yoga or meditation techniques can help, but there is an even easier possibility: the so-called binaural beats!By sending two tones with a minimal frequency difference to the right and left ears, the brain settles on the difference in frequency. This way, depending on the difference in frequency, purely acoustically a state of relaxation can be achieved (alpha waves) or falling asleep can be aided (theta waves). This method is scientifically well documented and firmly established in sleep medicine.Binaural beats are embedded in the binnibeats in a sound file specially composed for mynoise, which additionally supports relaxation (mynoise Relax) or falling asleep (mynoise Sleep). This allows you to easily calm down again – because life is already stressful enough!

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